Thanks to everyone that came to our Grand Opening!

Guests had a chance to see what Delta is working on in new mobile refrigeration technology including some of our 3D printed, production components. Everyone also had a chance to walk inside our new shipping container refrigeration system in Virtual Reality!

Let us know if you didn't get to take home a 3D printed Delta ornament.

A Delta ornament printed on our multi-material 3D printer

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Delta COO Chris Bridgewater shares his passion for developing life-saving equipment for the US Military on KGUN9 ABC News.

Chris on what to consider when starting a business:

"First and foremost is passion. What I do and the reasons I do it for our customers ... the warfighters, it's a very personal thing to me. I was that warfighter. I was an enlisted man on the ground and I had bad equipment and things that didn't work and I'm working on products to solve that. So it's passion, you got to have this passion to drive you."


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