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One of our founders, Robert Futch, was featured in an article discussing what automation tools help us as a small business to be as efficient and accurate as possible.

One such tool that we use is Hive, which really helps us to prevent labor and productivity loss. It helps our team members to manage their time effectively, creating confidence in their independent roles and a more cohesive function of the business as a whole.

As a project lead, you can use software like Hive to reduce wasted time on oversight and focus on planning. In turn, your team members will feel more responsible and free to build your idea fast and cost-efficiently.

Check out some other great tools (some of which we use!) in the article linked below.

Army drones are dropping packages of simulated blood over the Mojave Desert in an effort to find better ways to rush medical supplies to wounded troops as quickly as possible.

Devices like the APRU6L are vital in austere locations where live-saving medical supplies need to be delivered in unique ways to the site of trauma.

Being able to be dropped in this way from a considerable height, while maintaining integrity, is a feature that we're proud to have built into our device, allowing it to be used in even the most remote locations.

Read more about the US Army tests with these devices by clicking below.

This weekend, there was a great event in Texas for EMS and our APRU was featured in one of the presentations.

We're proud to be working with Austin EMS and to be a part of their EMS system.

Check out the video linked below, posted on Facebook by Austin-Travis County EMS.