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Battery-Powered Refrigeration

Things to Ask When Buying a Battery Powered Refrigerator

A battery powered refrigerator is an invaluable tool for disaster relief, military medical needs, and medical emergencies in austere locations. When shopping for a battery powered refrigerator, it’s important to know the answers to the following questions to ensure they meet your needs.

How long does a charge last?

Some battery powered refrigerators provide a maximum of 24 hours on one charge, while others offer more. Our APRU or Autonomous Portable Refrigeration Unit provides up to 95 hours per charge.


Does it require additional cooling materials?

Some battery powered refrigerators require you to add water bottles, ice, or ice packs to maintain their temperature, which can take up valuable space. The APRU is designed to monitor and adjust the internal temperature as needed – no water bottles required.


How durable is it?

One of the main features of a battery powered refrigerator is that it’s portable, but it needs to be durable enough to withstand the trips it needs to make. Our APRU is rugged, impact-resistant, and weatherproof, ensuring it’s durable enough for the most extreme conditions.

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